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Game Testing

DevLogic's skilled staff is professionally trained in the art of functional game testing. Our teams of testers pay great attention to detail, and are unbelievable game players! iBeta can integrate our team with your current QA team, or have them work independently.

Mobile Games Testing:

Our experienced full-time mobile specialists can test the functionality and device compatibility of your mobile games. With over 190 mobile devices (not emulators!) in our lab inventory, we can provide our clients with useful information and clear, reproducible bug reports outlining any functionality or compatibility errors.


PC Game Testing:

DevLogic has worked on a wide range of titles from hardcore to casual games, including several MMOs. We offer gameplay functionality and PC compatibility testing.

Network and MMO Testing:

Devlogic has the equipment and expertise to thoroughly test the online multiplayer components of your game. With our full suite of networking hardware and software, we can test games across a wide range of environments. Defects resulting from low bandwidth, packet loss, NAT interoperability, and other problems can be quickly discovered and documented in our online testing labs. Furthermore, our multiplayer labs provide a clean and secure environment for unit testing in the earlier stages of development.