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Project Process

For more than fifteen years, iBeta has been constantly improving and streamlining its processes.  Our goal is to provide our clients with a highly transparent and easy to follow approach for each project. Here is a typical process flow:

  1. Fact Finding Phone Call
  2. Client and Devlogic put an NDA in place. Client will provide iBeta with the necessary documentation and access to the application or site that is to be tested.
  3. Devlogic furnishes Statement of Work (SOW) or Proposal and submits it to client for review.
  4. Proposal/SOW is accepted OR
  5. Proposal/SOW needs to be changed – return to 3
  6. Devlogic receives signed Proposal/SOW.
  7. Devlogic's designated Project Manager will contact client to discuss scheduling and to organize a project kick-off call.
  8. Kick-Off call
  9. Project starts
  10. Project Manager will be in constant contact with the client throughout the project, and
  11. Account Manager will be available to address any concerns of the client during the project.